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Circle pit retiree. Aspiring league 2 footballer. Former sith apprentice under emperor palpatine.

So you want to know about me yeah?

Well this story starts back in the day. When I was at a school up North. And things used to get a shall we say a bit rough at times.

I got beat on more times than I can remember.

When I was older things got a lot better.

But like young men my age give us a bit cheap lager and sense of misplaced sense of bravado...

...yeah you know where this is going don't you?

And while I took some martial arts classes, I never truly felt like I could handle it, if you get what I mean?

I never felt truly confident.

Did I have it in me were it to really kick off?

It's like having that itch you can't scratch.

Any finally it reached point on a night out in Bromley when I was threatened with a knife.

I thought you know what? It's time to do something.

Got on Google and found my (who eventually turned out to become my good friend and mentor) Darren's Selley in Bromley.

I enjoyed the classes. Especially the aggressive and realistic training scenario training.

Eventually I progressed onto being an instructor.

Almost happened by accident really. I think I just asked Ron and few others who said I should do it. And so here I'am. A fully fledged instructor.

My hobbies include long scrolls down my phone, being tired all day, having the occasional cup of coffee, binge watching the Wire and watching final score in the pub.

Finally, I'd say Urban Krav Maga has given me a way to give something back. Something back to good people.

And not just the good people who have used what I've taught them in real life. But also the ones who have gained something positive from what I teach beyond the realms of self-defence.

The ones who have used it to gain back their confidence, walk just that little bit taller after a class, learned something new and applied it to their jobs, have improved themselves in some way after consistently training, made more money or just got laid for often (yes someone actually said this to me).

Alright, enough of this.

If you've read this far don't you think it's time you signed up for my free guide?

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I’ve been involved in martial arts for 30 years now. Starting out in Wado Ryu karate at the age of 14 and then moving on to Ju-Jitsu in my late teens training with some great teachers.

I was influenced by Geoff Thompson after reading many of his books and I had the privilege of meeting the great man himself on a training course. My eyes were now opened to reality based self-defence.

Being coupled with the birth of UFC I started cross training in BJJ and MMA. With some real world experiences under my belt I wanted something that I could learn and eventually teach to people to protect themselves and their loved ones. In 2010 I discovered URBAN KRAV MAGA.

After training with respected British combat association instructors Darren Selley and the chief Stewart McGill I passed the instructors course in 2015 under Stewart and renowned Vale Tudo champion Leo Negao. The one thing I taken away from my years of training

“sometimes a teacher but always
a student… ”

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