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A Blueprint to becoming dangerous: How to defend yourself, protect your loved ones, boost your fitness, enhance your life, crush bad guys, seize the initiative and walk with true genuine confidence.

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Here's what's impatiently waiting inside for you:

  • Why "self defence" is a myth. Plus How this one legal principle not taught in many self defence and martial arts clubs can stack the odds in your favour in any altercation (even though it'll against your very nature). (Chapter 3)
  • How to cultivate an attitude talked about by Jordan Peterson and Jackob Willnik in a recent podcast, that stops you being a helpless victim and puts the power back firmly in your hands. It's the same attitude which kept a good friend of mine (who as bomb disposal expert) in the military alive when he was in Afghan. (Chapter 1)
  • The "scientific" loop reason why this "legal" principle works according to a military strategist and air force colonel.
  • How to make seeing a nasty situation before it happens by making awareness a habitual and ingrained habit. So easy it's taught to children.
  • The "flight simulator" method of training. How to add a gritty layer of reality to your training so you have the physical preparation and mental programming to deal with a nasty situation.
  • 20 minute kettlebell workout to supercharge your cardio and work your strength in the comfort of your own home without needing to go to the gym. (Chapter 6)
  • Improvise overcome adapt. How to use this saying from the US marine to develop mental agility to think and fight your way out of any situation.
  • The slap from hell. A real life example of how a simple slap was used to get a friend of mine out of a out of a sticky situation. Plus how a slap won't get you in trouble with the law.
  • A list of my go to resources that covers, strength training, body language reading, mental toughness and bunch of other stuff that's helped me through the years.
  • How to use the "1 tool for 4 different jobs" principle to acquire the skills to defend yourself in the shortest possible time. Useful for an intensive course.
  • Why you'd freeze in a nasty situation. The exact way the brain works, why it's NOT your fault if this happens and how to train in a realistic way manner so this never happens to you.
  • How to keep calm and keep things simple when chaos rains around you. I've used this example of putting a gun together taken from the military from a good mate of mine to illustrate this.
  • How to use a combination of kettlebells, skipping ropes, slam balls, barbells and punch bags to build combat levels of athletic practical fitness. So you can get yourself out of a critical situation and save others from one.

Here's what one of my students Andrew Curd (a script writer) had to say after his first session:

Sid, been meaning to text and say thanks for Wednesday, I really enjoyed the class. I'm well enough versed in martial arts instructors over the years to know the good ones from the bad ones...and I'm looking forward to continuing training with you and learning from you. Thanks again, Andrew.

So, go ahead. Type in your email address and get it today.

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