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  • What if I'm a beginner?

    No worries, I've got you.

    One of earliest students Mark, who'd never done any martial arts or self defence started training with me because wanted a some new exercise drills plus how to defend himself.

    A week after our first session (we did power slaps and elbows) he was threatened with a knife.

    Without thinking he used a power slap to knock the guy out.

    I purposely haven't told you the whole story you can find it in my free guide here.

    So yes, even if you're a beginner you'll be fine. And you'll get to good standard faster by doing 1 to 1's. And yes even after the first session you'll get something from it.

  • What should I wear

      Just your typical gym kit mate. T shirt, shorts, trackie bottoms and please remember a bottle of water.

      I don't want you dying from dehydration. Too much paperwork to fill out.

      Recently I did a group session for 3 people

      I got everyone to where what they normally would to work. I had one guy in a suit (an old one mind), another in jeans and t shirt and one guy even wore a old winter coat.

      The results when you're training with *real life* clothing is interesting.

      You get to test out what it really feels like to try these techniques on real clothes. And it's a laugh. Just don't wear anything brand new. Guaranteed they're getting ripped mate.

      That's something you can progress to after you've been training for a while.

      Just your typical gym kit to get started.

  • Will I get fit?

      If you're going to be crunching pads, grappling, and smashing tyres with a sledgehammers, what do you think?

      I remember when I was younger and in the summer we used play cricket in the park. The adults and the kids used to play together. No word of a lie some of these dads had been spending way too much time at Ozzie's big breakfast. Some these guys had a mini stroke as they came in to bowl to the kids.

      Imagine that was you and you're in a burning house and you got to get your kids out.

      Got to pick them up, put them on your shoulder and smash out. Except you don't because you die from a cardiac arrest while running for the door.

      Not a way a to go is it?

      Don't be that guy.

      If you're read this far you obviously hold yourself to a higher standard.

      You'll build a body that's, stronger and leaner plus you'll become harder to kill. . And you'll develop a habit of keeping in good shape because you'll want to.

      If you want to get ahead, I've put together a 20 minute workout you can do with 1 kettlebell in your own home here.

  • What do I reallly get out of training with you?

      This one's an easy one, if you haven't figured it out already.

      With one to one, personal training you'll get that next level genuine confidence.

      Back when I had a job I went for an interview with company that looked after old people.

      Back then I was training regularly with my old instructor Darren Selley, every Wednesday and Thursday.

      The confidence I got from that was unreal. And it really came through when I was speaking.

      And I remember them asking me, so what do you do for a hobbie, and I said to them "Yeah I do Krav, real life self defence if you ever find yourself in a situation. I won't lie I was a bit of troublemaker when I was younger, always getting into fights (I'm not like that anymore) so I wanted something to defend myself if it came to me."

      And they were like "that must give you so much confidence." Right there I knew I had the job.

      Sold them the dream.

      It's all about the confidence.

      How you feel and how you carry yourself. And other's will notice. Trust me.


      That's the drug I deal.

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