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Sith Intensions

How to win a fight using the insidious methods from the dark side

I've been rewacthing my old star wars box set recently (warning spoilers alerts).

And occurred to me the best character isn't the one that's the "most known."

Infact despite being in the whole 9 film saga, either being talked about, mentioned and playing a part, he never gets any attention.

You could argue without him the whole star wars story would be a bore.

Yet on the press releases, marketing campaigns, red carpets (despite being played by the same actor) he hardly gets a mention compared to the "good guys."

Who am I on about?

The master of dark side of the force and evil sith lord himself Darth Sidious aka emperor Palpatine.

The good guys are mere a side piece for what he achieves throughout the whole 9 films:

* Corrupting the galaxy's strongest force bloodline to become his willing puppet. And then doing it again to his offspring.

* Creating and instigating a war so the entire senate happily gives away all its power to just him alone .

* Crushing the ancient Jedi order that'd been round for a thousand years, one which kept the peace, and the only real threat to him.

* Built a massive clone army, without anyone knowing, which then both killed the jedi and was used to impose his will upon the galaxy to do his bidding.

* Builds 2 mammoth war machines to annihilate whole planets to show them he's now messing about

* Cheats death to come back and be unveiled as the real evil grandmaster behind it all.

And that's just a few of things.

The good guys are just a side order of garlic bread and chips compared to a xxl mixed grill.

The emperor was a master of misdirection, cunning and distraction. Or artifice.

Everything he did was done right under the noses of the good guys.

So good was he at artifice the so called "all knowing" Jedi were completely unaware of his intentions. Not even knowing he truly existed.


It's a truly powerful tool you can use yourself to defend yourself.

It's been used in wars, by criminals, hard men and even the common street mugger.

By knowing how they act you can have this power for yourself to even the odds, say when you're faced with multiple opponents.

Even good guys have used it. In fact some of the methods I'll be sharing next Wednesday I got from my mate, who's a copper.

Some say this isn't martial arts or self defence.

I say if you want to defend yourself against the bad of society, you need to know how the inside of their minds operate.

By knowing how they operate, you'll know how to spot the signs (especially if you're going abroad) and avoid being a victim.

And how to use it against them should you need it.

It does take time to get. But once you make it part of your training and testing you can make it habitual.

This is a skill I show you early on. So it becomes immediate if you ever need to use it.

Combined with the principles I talk about in my free guide, in the early chapters, you can stack the odds in your favour to get out of a sticky one.

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