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London Terrors
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Why how you train is as important as what you train if you're to survive a terrorist attack

You know what’s been happening in London Bridge over last few years.

It’s been a madness. Terrorists running people up over and stabbing them up.

I'm not going to give you any exaggerated claims about how training with me could have made you the top gaza gun man of the ends.

All I’m saying is any kind of realistic training can give you chance in that situation.

Even if it’s just giving you the athletic base to quickly escape the situation.

Saying that how you train can effect what you do in a critical situation.

I remember doing a group session once for a group of guys who I used to work the doors with.

I showed them a couple of control and restraint techniques.

Control and restraint techniques which didn’t restrict the breathing of the guys they were putting down and didn’t bend them out of shape too much.

At the end, to really test it, I spent 30 minutes with them drilling it under intense pressure.

To really test if what you’ve just been doing is going to work you have to simulate the effects of the adrenal dump.

So in a critical situation when adrenaline floods your body, your heart would hammer in your chest, your legs would shake, your voice would become squeaky and your vision would tunnel. So you’d just see what’s in front of you.

This is you’re bodies survival mechanism for the fight, flight or freeze response.

You don’t want to freeze. You want to high tail it (ideally) or fight your life.

To simulate this I got one of the lads doing 1 and half minute of intense push, pull and exercises. At the end he was breathing hard and experiencing the effects of the adrenal dump.

Now the fun started.

Then I got the guy who was being taken down to fully resist and act like the nutters you'd see over the weekend. With a bit of swearing thrown in for good measure.

True training at its finest.

Some stuff didn't work for some of the guys I taught. They needed to work on it.

But what everyone walked away with (apart from the bruises) was what worked under intense pressure and what didn't. For them.

They didn't leave with a false sense of security. What worked, worked.

What didn't, needed more time.

You can use the same template.

You can take it further by refining what really works.

What doesn't, you find another way, test it and find something which works for you.

What makes training like this work is the people around you.

It's why even if you work with me 1 to 1, I still get you guys together once a month to do some proper simulation day testing.

One of the things I do (with right equipment) is sparring. Controlling your fear of getting hit in the face or grappled on the ground.

I also include a lot of knife work. What to do if someone's stabbing you in the gut or on top of you.

Last resort stuff.

Will it help you when you're faced with crazy knife wielding terrorist?

I honestly don't know.

But you'll atleast be more prepared than when you walked in. And you'll be that much harder to kill and have a better ability to save one's else's life should you need to.

Anyways. You can download my free guide by clicking the blue box below. That will get you started on your training for free.

Talk soon


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