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Why you might freeze

Here's the thing, at this time of year I get asked this question a lot.

Usually it's asked a young guy who's been at the end of an unpleasant situation. Or a young lady who's had something happen to her.

"Why couldn't I do anything?"

I've put a link to the YouTube video on the PS. It's well worth checking out if you're serious about your training.

The point here (it will make more sense after you watch the video)...

...your subconscious mind will always do what's best for you.

If you've never trained before then in your mind there's no "blueprint" for it to access any information. So the body does the next best thing. It "freezes."

My training installs this skillset in you quickly through scenario training.You'll do role playing and get to blast the pads.

In the process you'll have a laugh and you get to release any pent up of frustrations of life, none us are immune to.

To install your “blueprint" click the link below to get your free class

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