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Having a lie down

A true life story of why you should train and trust your instincts.

Following is a true story.

Talking to my mate Pete the other day.

Him and his missus went up to Wales the other day for a wedding.

On the way back at 1 am to their place in Surrey, things got a bit weird.

So they live at a place where it's all country roads and narrow lanes.

1 am driving through, the rains pouring down, he can’t see much and then out of nowhere he sees a big shadow blocking the road to his house.

Pete was like it's probably a tree that’d blown over in the storm or a deer and was about to turn the car round.

Then his missus screams "he's dead!"

So Pete stops the car, gets out in the blasting rain and see's this guy on the ground, with a motorbike on it’s side, like it’d crashed next to him.

Says to the missus, stay in the car, lock the door and let me check this out.

Gets his phone out and calls 999 the police, ambulance, telling them what he's seen.

As he's doing this, with the operator on the phone, the guy opens his eyes and just starts groaning.

Pete says "you alright mate?" the other other fella goes "yeah, I'm just having a lie down."

Now Pete's starts to get this feeling like some it ain't right here.

It's absolutely crashing down with rain, pitch black, he can't see around the corner of the road, and he's still on the phone to the operator.

So he backs off to his car waiting for the police, keeping his eye on this guy, not giving his back to him.

It took the first policeman 15 minutes to get there.

15 minutes where Pete was keeping his eye’s fixed on this guy. Must have felt an age.

The policeman arrives on the scene a whole 15 minutes later, takes one looks at the scene, looks at Pete and "goes this ain't right, I'm calling backup!"

Now at this point the fella on the road starts going mental. He gets straight up on his feet. Starts screaming and swearing telling he’s going to do them both in.

Next thing you know Pete and the copper are wrestling this dude, restraining him to put the cuffs on.

As this was happening backup arrives and he hears the sound of motorcycles round the corner of the road in the dark speed off.

They managed to get the guy lying on the road into the van.

Then they got the dogs out to do a drugs search.

No drugs but the dogs did pick up the scent of gasoline. Which meant there were others waiting in the dark.

It’s a known scam apparently. They wait for a woman to come by. When shes come of the car to check they all jump out and well, yes, the worst happens.

Happens to guys as well apparently. They beat up the guy and then come for the lady in the car.

This is why you need to train. Train your awareness, trust your gut and have good personal security measures.

This is exactly what I show you how to do early on when you do private 1 to 1’s with me.

Not only to do it, but make it a habitual and ingrained habit. It’s not hard, just takes practice.

Pete trained with me, by the way, so he knew what to do. Both from spotting something’s not right to control and restraining the dude. I trained him well.

Otherwise you’re going to check on a guy, you'll get knocked out and next thing you know you wake up in dark a room with 4 hench guys and with their willies out.

Don't be that guy.

Arm yourself with the knowledge and get started by downloading the free guide which shows you how to get started with being aware of your surroundings.

It could save your life.

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