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How To Defend Yourself
In The Fastest Time

A blue print to follow if you need the skills defend yourself in the shortest possible time

I've been getting a lot requests recently on how to defend yourself either if you're going on holiday.

Or you need the skills right now because of something that's happening in your life.

Or you want an intensive courses to get you there quickly.

I've put together a blue print or pathway that you could take.

If you're a beginner you'll find his useful.

Even if you're an advanced student you might find some of the fundamentals useful.

Before I start, I'm going breaking one of the cardinal rules.

A lot of what I've written is telling you. There's no little or no demonstration.

The reason is all the demonstration bits are in the free guide.

You can get it by clicking the blue box below.

Or you can just it here.

Anyways here's the pathway you'd take


Cultivate a habit of having a relaxed state of awareness. Make it a habitual and ingrained so it's something you do without thinking about it. This will give you the ability to see a critical situation before it manifests, so you can talk your way out of it or avoid it altogether. If you can't do this, well the next best thing to do... (chapter 2)


Take action first! You might believe that you need to be attacked to take action. This is a myth. Under British Law you are legally allowed to be pre emptive if you truly feel your life is danger. Check applicable laws in the countries you are travelling to. This is the best way to stack the odds in your favour in almost any situation. Including bigger, stronger and pain resistant adversaries.

This one of the myths of self defence and one which most self defence classes won't tell you. It's the ultimate shortcut. I've had 3 people I know (who trained with me directly) who have used this principle to great effect. I give one example of this in the guide.

You'd focus on techniques that were focused on being pre emptive.


Here's where you'd start to know how to defend yourself against chokes, knife threats, ground a defence.

You'd get techniques that all have some familiarity. For example you can use the same technique for a double handed choke, single hand, double handed strike, grab and punch. I've got a ton of these shortcuts to reduce the learning curve. (Chapter 6)


Simulation, scenario and pressure testing. You'd simulate the biochemistry of what happens when you're caught by surprise and fear and refine your reflexes on what you'd do in that situation. (Chapter 7)

After this it's a case of repeating and drilling.

I'd say from experience you'd need at least 40 hours of private lessons to get any kind of proficiency.

Depends on your ability but that's the average I'd say.

It's £2,800 (with payment options to break it up) for 40 hours for private training. Plus as a bonus you get access to the Wednesday class for free as well.

That's my take on it

If you want the accelerated training course designed to take you from a beginner to a good level then click here.

Otherwise click the blue box below and get the free guide which shows you the how and why of the 4 steps above.



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Demonstration videos
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