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Presenting Self Defence and Krav Maga Private Lessons
In London Bridge, Bromley and Sevenoaks

Discover how to defend yourself in a critical situation, protect your family from one, save someone else's life, crush bad guys, smash stress, vanquish your fears, build omega tough fitness and jet power your confidence.


Hey I'm Sid and if you're looking for self defence system which:

Is practical, for the streets and focuses on defending yourself or a loved one in a real life situation.

Will crush those feelings of uneasiness you feel against the dark, sinister, inescapable violence which seems to be around the corner these days.

Will boost your confidence against the current backdrop of rising levels of knife crime, gangs with machetes on the high street, shootings and stabbings.

Can keep you active and enhance your fitness using exercises that aren't boring.

And you prefer working one on one or in a small group rather than with a load of people in a gym in your own time...

...then here's how serving police officers, prison officers, bouncers and ordinary good citizens have done it.

The following is a true story of how my mate Andy used my intensive course (40 hours of private training) to work as a prison officer.

For privacy purposes I've left out the prison name.

A while back Andy told me he'd just passed his assessment to become a prison officer.

He'd been bored of his job working in an office. And he wanted to do something more with his life.

Somewhere he could make a real difference.

But he had one problem.

Even though he had a reasonable level of fitness, he ain't had a fight since year 10 at Catherine's Secondary school.

Plus he was going to a category A prison.

This wasn't prison where you got sent to for vandalism or stealing from the pound shop.

You got sent here if you stabbed someone and cut them up like a string vest. Or joined an ISIS death camp and you got caught trying to blow up parliament. Or you just woke up one day and decided to burn someone. Alive.

He knew he'd need additional training to what the prison was giving him.

The kind of hardcore, no holds barred, realistic training that would prepare him for the extreme violence he'd face.

He never liked doing things the easy way did Andy.

For 4 months he trained his body and mind to his maximum capabilities.

Some of the stuff I did with him included:

  • Submission grappling - how to fight on the ground if you ever get taken down.
  • Sparring - to get used to getting hit in the face, so if you ever got punched for real you'd know how to react.
  • Control and restraint - how to subdue, and tie up a violent, uncooperate guy. Safely.
  • Flight pilot simulator drills - how to prepare for a real life scenario, using role playing and simulated violence.
  • Body language cues - how to spot trouble it started and if you couldn't talk your way out, how to take action first.
  • MMA condtioning drills - short, sharp fitness drills. So no spending ages on a treadmill. It get's you ready to be "fight fit." Giving you strength and cardio to fight your way out of a real situation.

To say he used my training would be an understatement.

From lockdowns, riots, group attacks, hostage situations, control and restraining or when it kicked off randomly between a group prisoners, he used what he'd trained with me.

7 day's a week at one point.

It was stressful job.

And throughout this time when he was under intense pressure, he never once broke the law.

Because the quality of his training gave him the ability to work under intense fight stress.

And then the funding cuts came in.

Staff were reduced and the working hours got longer. The daily incidents of violence increased and prisoners became more aggressive.

Even with someone's of Andy's mental and physical fortitude, it was coming to an end.

He managed to stick at it longer than most of the guys he was working with. Even being put forward for the tornado (prison riot) squad at one point.

After a particularly stressful week where one of his colleagues was severely injured and he came out just about alright, Andy had enough.

Sensing an opportunity to quit, he used what he'd learned and the positivity he'd got from training regularly...

...to start something new and channel his energy into a new business.

Similar to Andy, here's what awaits you inside my training lair:

  • Arm yourself with the knowledge on how to defend yourself against stronger, bigger, taller guys without needing brute strength, size or raw punching power. By using the power of leverage you'll discover how to manipulate the weak points in the body. So you can end an altercation rapidly. Even if the guy is under the anaesthetic effects drugs and alcohol.
  • How to defend against the 10 most common attacks on the street. No messing about with kata's, uniforms or belts found in traditional martial arts. Get straight in and get the practical, elite level skills to on how defend against being choked, grabbed, windmill punches thrown at you, random nutters getting in your face, mugged or what to do if you're threatened with a knife.
  • Think you should punch with your fists for the streets? Wrong. It's the very reason why MMA fighters and boxers wear gloves. I'll demonstrate it you in your first session.
  • Supercharge your confidence with my infamous "Predator days" training days. Inspired by Geoff Thompson's animal days these days are designed to answer the question in your head "will this really work if I need to defend myself in a situation." I get you together with other guys who train with me, kit you up and simulate real life scenarios. This is where you get to find out what you're made off.
  • Ground fighting techniques taken from Vale Tudo and 4 times World Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion Leo Negao. A former grappling coach to UFC super stars Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort and sparring partner to Antoñio "Minotauro" Nogueira, it’s safe to say the big man knows what he’s doing. While you don't want to spend time fighting on the ground, you need a plan B. The stuff I teach is banned for competition because it causes extreme damage and goes on too quickly to "tap out." Perfect for the streets.
  • Shapen your natural "biological knives". Use your palms, elbows, shins and knees to deliver concussive knock out power in close quarters.
  • The dark truth about the "bystander effect", what you can do about it and why despite what you might read in the paper it might be best not to get involved.
  • Turbocharge your hand eye coordination, with electric MMA pad drills.
  • How to create a relaxed state of awareness by using this "football away day's" trick. This will give you a super power 90% of the population don't have. Most people are stuck inside their own heads. They're sheep. By making awareness an ingrained and habitual game you'll gain the ability to see a bad situation before it unfolds, take action before it becomes a problem and stop your head from getting kicked in.
  • How to move with a "symphony of efficiency." By applying the knowledge of various martial arts you'll discover how to move in a relaxed, precise and effecient manner. Leading to less aches and pains everyday.
  • Takedowns. Unlock one of the most devastating weapons in your arsenal. The bone crunching, concussive double and single leg takedowns. Great against a taller, stronger guys, it takes their legs out underneath them. Plus if train at my training space, I have a crash mat. So unlike the classes you can go full on, to generate maximum force with minimum effort and see what it really feels like.
  • What most self defence and martial arts schools will never tell you. Why should land the first blow (despite what most people will you), why this is legal and how a good friend of mine used this principle to get out of a sticky situation.
  • Military grade techniques adapted for the streets. With it's roots going all the way back to the Israeli defence forces, the techniques have been refined and adapted for the streets with one purpose. To cause maximum damage in minimum time.
  • 3 ways to viciously break down a taller guy and turn the tables.
  • Non-lethal techniques for the office party for when you need to put down Phillip from HR. Nicely.
  • 2 most common mistakes made in the UFC while applying an armbar and defending a choke. How to avoid them by using "the good girl and look into him" principle. It's why some of the best in business no longer watch the UFC so they don't pick up bad habits.
  • The secret power of your thumbs. In ancient Roman times the thumbs were used as a symbol to decide the fate of a gladiator to live or die. While that's no longer the case, the thumbs are incredibly powerful. Put together they can form the world's strongest grip. Just as useful for holding on in the train as applying a choke.
  • How to apply what traditional martial arts teach into a real life situations. If you’ve ever done a martial arts either as a kid or an adult and wondered where it all fits then this is it. Martial art principles have been around since we started killing each other. These principles and their applications have been misinterpreted over the years. But applied correctly they transform the stuff taught into “burn the scroll” methods of destruction.
  • How to fight in a collision of fighting systems including Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu , Muay Thai, Karate, Vale Tudo, and MMA. Combine strikes, chokes and takedowns into devastating fighting techniques which even the odds against larger guys and multiple opponents.
  • How to defend against the knife attacks like the horrifying attacks which happened in London Bridge. While there is no fool proof way to deal with a bladed enemy, I think you'd agree that it's better you know something which might give the chance to protect yourself, your family or those around you?
  • How to defend against knife threats. Again as above while there's no fool proof way to defend against a knife threat. Standard advice is give up your stuff. If the guy wants something more or to take you to another location, your best bet is to fight. Because statistics show it won't end well for you. Know what to do if you find yourself in this situation.
  • 4 kicks for the streets and how to combine them into a hale storm of destruction. This includes my favourite, the flying stomp kick. Done correctly it multiples the force of a normal kick by using a "plyometric" element.
  • Why what I teach is commonly referred to as "combat sports on steroids" for the streets." Back in the day my co-chief instructor Leo Negao took part in fights called Vale Tudo. Translated as anything goes in Portuguese, it was the original MMA from which the UFC eventually formed from. It includes techniques which are now banned in most competitions. Techniques such as neck cranks, go on too quickly and cause extreme damage to the spinal area. Great for when you're out of options.
  • How to turn everyday objects into improvivsed weapons of opportunity. Legally.
  • Build mental toughness by taking part in a pressure test and simulation training. By making it part of your regular training, you'll build your mental toughness, boost your will to live and enhance your cardio. It will also cross over to other parts of your life. Training in this short intense way you'll learn more about yourself and what you're made off than any long boring workout.
  • How to use your hands in a conversational manner which forms a subconscious barrier. An old trick used by doormen in the late 80s and 90s, it's a way to use your hands to protect space and give you time to escape or take action first.
  • 3 body language signals that a guy has a knife. With knife crime on the rise, discover how to spot the signs and take action before it's out in play.
  • Smash stress with a sledgehammer. Literally. Batter the focus pads, crunch wicked knees and sinister elbows into thai pads, crash vicious kicks into a heavy bag and yes smash tyres with a sledgehammer. By taking out your aggression you feel better about yourself. And even though I'm not a therapist a lot of people say it's like therapy.
  • How to use an explosive combination of tyre flips, sledgehammers, kettlebells and battle ropes to get yourself fit, fast and lean. Set in an idyllic setting and lovingly referred to as the "pit" my private training space will make you move faster, develop ballistic power, become stronger and build fighter level fitness. Gearing you towards being a "combat athlete.” Combined with the hardcore unarmed skills to go with it you'll become a machine. Turning fear into confidence.


This isn't your typical martial arts or self defence club. There's no belts, rankings and white uniforms.

What I teach was designed with one purpose.

To give you hyper elite, unarmed, practical self defence skills…

...so you're prepared to deal with the unpleasant, dangerous and potentially life altering situations you might find yourself in.

You’ll also get super strong, lean, tough and gain the kind of fight fitness that only comes from striking, sparring and grappling.

To ready your body and mind for a critical situation, you need to inject a sense of reality into your training.

Swearing (as long as it’s not homophobic, racist or personal), shouting, simulation of extreme violence and aggression is openly encouraged during your training.

With random nutters about these days who have no moral consciousness or consequences to their actions...

...there's a need now more than ever for ordinary (good) people, like you, to arm yourself with the knowledge to become dangerous.

Not just have these skills for yourself but to also pass them onto other good people.

Giving them the power to defend and protect themselves.

Whilst you'll never start a fight, you want to be prepared should you need to defend yourself from one.

If you've read this far, then it means you sincerely want to be prepared.

Reasonably. Realistically. Responsibly.

The skills you'll gain, your change in perspective in how you look at the world, and ultimately your achievements is more meaningful then a belt to hold your pants up.

Am I right?

The investment for all this:

1 person £70 per hour

2 people £65 per person

3 people £60 per person

4 people £55 per person

Intensive course. 40 hours of private lessons plus 12 months of free classes is £2,800 (you can break the payments up and you can be share it with 2 other people)

So what are you waiting for?

Click the blue box below and let's do this.

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